NSX vSphere 6.1.3 on vSphere 6

VMware released on march 23rd NSX-v 6.1.3 which now support vSphere 6.0. I was waiting for this release to upgrade my Bulb lab to the latest and greatest, so here am I. In this article, I’ll describe the upgrade process. I’ll start by upgrading NSX to 6.1.3 and continue on by upgrading vCenter Appliance to 6.0. I’m eager to get the latest improvement that both vSphere 6.0 and NSX 6.1.3 offers.

NSX vSphere troubleshooting

Last week we reviewed all the tips & tricks to troubleshoot Open vSwitch and OpenStack Neutron. NSX vSphere (NSX-v) is a different beast, mostly because it leverage VMware Distributed Switch (VDS) instead of Open vSwitch. As a cheatsheet, I’m gathering all the CLI to troubleshoot it over here, for easy cut & past, some commands are damn long. But wait don’t forget the tab completion on our NSX CLI, it’s pretty nice ;) But you have to know where to start, hope this helps.

VMware NSX 4.x on RHEL OpenStack Platform 5.0

Redhat announced a month ago OpenStack Platform 5.0 which officially support VMware NSX 6.0 and vSphere 5.5. In our lab today, we’ll deploy this OpenStack distribution and connect it to NSX and vSphere to see how easy it is and if everything works as expected. By the way it’s not, so beware, this article is just a preview of what’s coming. If you want to reproduce the same setup, you’ll have to wait until VMware officially support RedHat 7.0. This article will be updated accordingly when it will be publicly available.

VMware NSX 4.0 - components intallation and KVM lab

In this article we will review all the steps required to deploy NSX 4.0 a Network Virtualisation offering from VMware. We will nest this lab within an OpenStack cloud but you can run the lab anywhere else where you can launch VMs, including vSphere, Virtual Box or VMware Fusion.

Nicira + Opscode Chef: The Journey to an OpenStack Cloud

Nicira and OpsCode partnered to build an OpenStack cloud at VMware. In this webinar we’ll have the opportunity to get some insight about it. It allows their team to build location independant labs in 50 seconds, provisionned from a self service portal. Principal driver: cost, agility and speed.